Imperial Forums

The Roman Forum are a group of monumental squares built by the Emperors over one and a half centuries in the very heart of the city of Rome. They are the real center of "Roma caput mundi" and are the result of the ideas of several Emperors.

Julius Cesar was the first one to decide to build a majestic square in his name, which was inaugurated in 46 BC when it was still unfinished. It was completed later by Augustus. A square with long porches on the long sides and, in the center, the typical temple dedicated to Venus Genetrix, from whom Julius Cesar claimed to be descended through Julio, the ancestor of the gens Iulia, son of Aenea's, also a son of the goddess. Years later, Augustus order the erection of a temple to Mars Ultor, having made a vow that he would build this construction for the battle of Philippi in 42 b.C., where Mark Antony and himself had defeated Caesar's assassins thus revenging his death.

The temple was actually inaugurated only 40 years later, in 2 A.D., and included in a second monumental square: Augustus' Forum. The Forum was embellished with statues of real and mythological characters from the History of Rome and the Julia family, with inscriptions describing their feats and ventures, with the central niches containing the groups of Aenea and the statue of Romulus.

Under Vespasian another large square was built, putting in communication the Roman Forum with the area of Suburra, while Trajan, later, ordered the erection of the column dedicated to him.